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Case Studies of Videos We Make


Client Education Videos

The Registered Social Security Analysts (RSSA) program is an online self-study credential and training provider that is recognized by NASBA, CFP and the IRS as continuing education for CPAs and other financial professionals. The National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts (NARSSA) is a trade association for members with a RSSA credential. We have made a number of videos for these closely related organizations, and continue to produce videos for them on a regular basis.

The success of their model is based on online self-study with minimal direct customer interaction beyond the online content they provide. A number of the videos we make for them are used to supplement and clarify their content. These videos explain complex concepts and serve to pre-emptively address frequently asked questions or user help requests, without additional interaction. These types of videos need to simply explain additional information in a straightforward and no-nonsense way.

As RSSA & NARSSA have expanded enrollment and membership, the videos we’ve made for them have allowed them to scale without the need to add additional backend support personnel to handle an increase of support questions.

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Santa Cruz Superior Court

Public Education & Internal Training Videos

We spent close to a year working with, conducting interviews, and documenting the Collaborative Justice Courts at the Superior Court of Santa Cruz as part of a reporting and media requirement for their Judicial Council of California Innovations Grant. The director of the Santa Cruz Collaborative Courts had a clear vision of certain elements and information that she wanted to present in the series of videos we produced. They partnered with Intentional Video, relying on our expertise in video production and creative problem solving to help them complete this large and important project.

The Courts were extremely happy with the 5 videos we produced, each targeting a specific audience, with a total runtime of over an hour. These videos are a combination of internal training for those working in the Collaborative Courts, participant education, as well as public education about the Courts. Although these videos were made about the Superior Court of Santa Cruz, we were able to achieve the Court’s vision for the videos to also be able to be used by the Judicial Council and other counties.

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Founders Market

Investor Relations Video

Founders Market is a proposed grocery store chain, which required a video to be used as a pre-introduction of their company principles to be shown to potential investors before in person talks. The brief for the video was to showcase the principle team of Founders Market, their expertise, and the values and vision of their company.

Although these type of investor relations videos may not be shown many times, the viewership they do receive is extremely high-value. Founders Market was so impressed with the video that we produced, that they later decided to use it as a company profile video on the main page of their website.

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Product Information Videos

Elecraft is a small business with a dedicated worldwide user base that has been manufacturing and selling high-end ham radios and amps for 25 years. They reached out to us looking for new ways to connect with established customers and ham radio users and to introduce their latest product models. As their product is fairly niche and not an entry-level product, they were not interested in finding new customers through an ad campaign. The company already has a dominant position in their market, and since they credit their successes to talking directly with potential customers, they wanted to leverage video to speak to more of them.

We worked closely with the company founders and their internal marketing department to produce a series of videos that serve as a template for new videos, which they update regularly. As our ongoing clients, we work with Elecraft to produce videos that they use for live online events and trade shows, and show during live Q&A’s. The co-founder is prominently featured in the videos as he is the face of the company and its products, and is known by customers who are excited to meet and interact with him. Additionally, we work closely with the company’s marketing team to keep a consistent look for the videos and to ensure videos are on-brand and complement Elecraft’s preexisting online and media footprint.

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